Once you have restored the Armory you will have access to upgrade your troops. Upgrading a troop will increase its level. Each troop starts at level 0, and can currently be upgraded to a maximum of 10 or 15. With every upgrade level gained, various stats on your troops will become more powerful, increasing the effectiveness of current and future trained troops of that type.

Please view individual troop pages for stat increases per level. Requirements to access the Armory are you must train atleast one Minotaur.

Acquiring Unlocking and Upgrading Items

Players can acquire "amulets" and "stones" from Anthropus Camps. Amulets are used to create "keys" which are used to unlock different troop types for upgrade. Stones are used to upgrade troops. Pool multiplier items are also available for purchase with rubies, these items multiply the amount of progression received to your Orb Pool. Stones can also be purchased with rubies.

​Unlocking Troop Types

Amulets Unlocks Upgrades for Anthropus Camp Level # for Key
Mauve Mist Amulets Minotaurs & Longbowmen L1 50
Sun Glow Amulets Swift Strike Dragons & Battle Dragons L3 50
Ocean Light Amulets Giants & Fire Mirrors L6 50
Forest Bloom Amulets Fangtooth, Marsh Horror, Granite Ogres, & Chariots of Fire L9 50

Upgrading Troops

Stones Upgrades Anthropus Camp Level/s Daily Maximum
Mauve Mist Stones Minotaurs & Longbowmen L1 & L2 30
Sun Glow Stones Swift Strike Dragons & Battle Dragons L4 & L5 30
Ocean Light Stones Giants & Fire Mirrors L7 & L8 15
Forest Bloom Stones Fangtooth, Marsh Horror, Granite Ogres, & Chariots of Fire L10 15
Golden Spark Stone Venge Wyrms & Lightning Cannons Stoneforge at the Mystery Shop