Dragon BattlegroundEdit

The Dragon Battleground is where you pit your Great Dragons against other players' Great Dragons. Factors in this arena are level, armor and placement. Points are awarded based on each round of a 3 round battle. Rounds are broken down into turns.

You may have up to 3 Dragons participate in the battlegound at the same time. It is important to note the levels of the dragons you are going against show in the DBG so as to gage if you can beat them.

3 Factors of the DBGEdit


Dragon leve is the basis of the majority of its stats. Dragons up to level 20 do not have the same gap level to level as those 20+. Do not think presume that a level 34 is not much better than your 33. Look at your dragons stat window and move through the level selector to see the base stats by dragon level.


Dragon armor could make the difference between a win or loss in the DBG. Note the stats you want to increase based on the dragon you have in the DBG and try and find armor that best suits what you are trying to achieve. See Dragon Armor.


Placement can be a critical part to the strategy of the DBG. Moving your Dragons based on the opponents setup can be the difference in the round. Since turns are based on placement it is best to have a setup that allows you the advantage.

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