Troops General Mara
Troop Generals have influence on your troops whether in Martches, Arena, or elsewhere. Generals have stats like tropps that affect troops and skills that also affect troops of that skills type.

This General adds 11.7% to troops attack. This General can also lead (Leadership) more troops, except in the arena which is based on Power. This This General has 2 skills that affect toops. 1st will increase the ammount an Armored Transport can carry. This only affects the troops under this Generals command.

All Troop skills affect all troop types under the Generals command.

Assignment: Under the Officers' Quarters assignment tab you can assign one of each General type that can affect all of your functions, Troops; Attack or Defense, Resource Production, and additional city functions (training time, recovery time, troop speed, etc.)

You will want Generals assigned that impact All Troops or Resources.

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