Grodz now commands almost all the Anthropus in Atlantis. He is amassing a vast horde for a final attack. The only way to defeat him is to strike before his forces are all assembled.

Campaign Mode Edit

In the campaign you gradually increase camp size until you are able to attack the Grodz camp. Grodz , like your Dragons, only has a lifebar and not assisted by troops. Although the specifics of Grodz is still a mystery it seems that Grodz is an all around troop, mightier than any Great Dragon under level 20. After level 20 your dragon alone may be able to take him down but with great injuries.

Grodz Wanted

Obtaining Armor Edit

Before your dragons can fight along side your troops whether in the Arena or against the Map it must have a full set of armor. While armor may be purchased for Rubies (exchanged for real money) it is cheaper to battle the Grodz. Dependent on the server you are on upto all types of dragon armor is available.
Grodz Loot

Attacking the Grodz Edit

Grodz Camp
Great Dragon Loot
Get item
Battle rport