This page showcases Kabam's different Holiday Dragon Armor sets.

Independence Day Armor

July 2014 - Great Dragon (Water, Nightshade, Earth, and Fire Dragon sets not available)

Armor set has set bonuses: +5% Life with 2 pieces equipped & +15% Melee Attack and +15% Ranged Attack with 4 pieces equipped.

Independence armor 1
Independence armor 2
Independence day helmet
Independence day breastplate
Independence day bracers
Independence day tailguard

New Year (Lucky Armor Chest)

January 2014 - Great Dragon (Water and Nightshade Dragon also, just not pictured.

First armor set launched that has a set bonuses: +5% Life with 2 Pieces equipped & +15% Melee Attack with 4 Pieces equipped.

New Year Breast
New Year Bracers
New Year Tailbrace

Chinese New Year

January 2014 - Great Dragon

GD new year armor

January 2014 - Water Dragon

WD lunar armor

January 2014 - Nightshade Dragon

NSD lunar armor

Christmas Armor

December 2013 - Great Dragon

GD xmas armor
GD xmas armor 1
GD xmas armor 2

December 2013 - Water Dragon

WD xmas armor
WD xmas armor 1
WD xmas armor 2

December 2013 - Nightshade Dragon

NSD xmas armor
NSD xmas armor 1
NSD xmas armor 2

Halloween Armor

October 2013 - Only Great Dragon

Halloween armor

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