"This is the Resource View. The buildings in your fields all generate resources."

The buildings here produce resources for you to use in buildling, training and researching. You will initially rely heavily on the resources they produce but as you get stronger you will be able to obtain resources by attacking other players. Note that each upgrade of your resource buildings will take up idle population. This means less population available for training. Some players do not build very many resource buildings for this very reason and once you get strong enough you may consider destroying some of these in order to free up more idle population for training.



These are the buildings that produce food which is required for you to train troops, upgrade some buildings and to do some research. Note that there is an upkeep incurred with every troop you train. This means that as your army gets larger there will be a larger upkeep. Unlike other Kabam games if your food reserves are zero they won't leave. What you shouldn't try and do is to try to build more farms or take more savanna's/lakes to keep your food in positive production. You will never achieve this even if you had only farms. I would only build 1-4 of farms and you  can obtain any food you need by attacking anthropus camps or other players.



This building produces stone which is used for building primarily and now and then for training troops and research. You definitely don't need too many of these buildings at all but you may find that you need more stone while levelling your buildings. 4-6 will be sufficient here.



These buildings produce wood. This is one resoruce you will find yourself using quite a lot so you should split the remaining resource slots between lumber mills   and mines.



These buildings produce metal and is the other resource that is heavily utilised. You should have about even numbers of mines and lumber mills.